Connection refused

I’m about at my wits end. I configured Graylog2 on CentOS 7 using: ttp:// &

My old graylog server crashed and I rebuilt it with a larger storage capacity. On my test environment Graylog will connect and display fine on a system (this did have internet access) and once moved to our DMZ environment with zero internet access and no DNS, I can’t even connect to the Graylog Webpage. The IPs were changed from to (fake public IP range we own)

If do a Curl http://local_IP:9000/ the error is Cur: (7) Failed to connect to local_IP:9000; Connection refused.

If I set the local IP to and enter a CURL command. I get the

My web_listen_uri:
My rest_listen_uri:

It works fine on my test environment, but fails in our dmz network that doesn’t have dns/internet access and it’s worked before with smaller capacity.

What am I missing?

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Solved. Patience is the name of the game? No idea why, but it works now after not doing a thing.

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