Configure Input after versions 2.3 , especially UDP and TCP

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This is probably silly question. I did a fair share of searching, but cant find the answer.
I was using before older version of graylog and there if I wanted to add usual TCP or UDP input,
I just clicked on System - Inputs and there was a list of several inputs, also syslog UDP and TCP.

I just installed version 2.3.1 and whne trying to create new UDP input, there is no such option. But there are
options like Beats, GelfUPD, GelfTCP… Ok it also offers me marketplace.

How can I configure simple UDP and TCP input ?


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I’m not fully sure, but wouldnt a ‘Raw/Plaintext TCP’ or ‘Raw/Plaintext UDP’ input count as a 'Simple UDP and TCP input’
I believe they should work for whatever your’re trying to do.
These ‘Raw/Plaintext’ Inputs are at the bottom of the input list.



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It looks like there was a glitch in the Firefox browser. Yesterday there was no scrollbar in the input list. After restart the scrllbar appeared so I can find all desired inputs. This can be closed

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