Config file for haproxy logs

Currently I have my haproxy traffic logs going into gray log but my system logs for that server are not.
here is my .conf file. Where have a I gone wrong? If i move the system log line to the top then that works but haproxy traffic logs stop then and vice vera.

$AddUnixListenSocket /var/lib/haproxy/dev/log

Send HAProxy messages to a dedicated logfile
if $programname startswith ‘haproxy’ then /var/log/haproxy.log
if $syslogtag contains ‘haproxy’ then @@;GRAYLOGRFC5424

. @@;RSYSLOG_SyslogProtocol23Format

I think i worked that out by having 2 config files one for syslog and other for the haproxy part then it seems to log both.

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