Combining multiple and or and not in a search query


I’m trying to do a search which uses a combination of AND, AND NOT, OR, and nested groups (I’m not sure if that is the right term or not?)… but I’m not getting the results I should be. Here is my search query:
(type:mysql AND (mysql_query_time:>1 OR mysql_rows_examined:>1000000) AND source:xx? AND NOT (mysql_query:SELECT OR mysql_query:UPDATE))

I’ve tried various versions of the above every way I can imagine, and it never gives me what I want. Here is what I want in plain english:

Must have:
(any of) mysql_query_time:>1 OR mysql_rows_examined:>1000000
Must not have:
(any of) mysql_query:SELECT OR mysql_query:UPDATE

The “must not have” portion is working fine, I’m able to exclude those patterns from the response, b ut the “must have” portion isn’t working right. I’m getting mysql_query_time and mysql_rows_examined results that don’t match the search.

If I just do a simple search for mysql_query_time for example, it works fine, and I get the results I’d expect. It just stops working when I try to build a more complex search.

What am I doing wrong? this seems like it should be easy.


It appears my problem didn’t have anything to do with nested groups, or search syntax, but instead was because one of my field types was wrong when I originally created the field. I changed it, but apparently field types (integer, string, float) don’t change until the index rolls over. I forced an index rotation, and now my search queries are working as expected.

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