3.2: Prevent query from automatically executing after adding a value from aggregation?

Hi All,

In 3.2 it became a lot more difficult to build queries with the new “aggregation” feature since whenever adding a value to the query (“add to query”) it directly executes the query. I don’t have to click on search anymore like in 3.1.
This makes an easy way of building queries using “OR” a lot more complicated since the other aggregated values immediately disappear after adding one to the query so in 3.2 I can no longer select two or more values, add them to the query and put an OR in between.

Is there anything I can do to prevent queries being automatically executed when adding avalue from an aggregated field to the search query?


he @Mike_FUT

did you mind opening a feature request over at github for that?

Hi @jan,
No, I didn’t. Since that worked in 3.1 I thought it was a bug or there might be a setting somewhere.
I’ll put in a feature request to replicate the 3.1 behaviour or to add a setting.
Thank you!

(OT: I guess my other topic from a few days ago is a feature request then, too?)

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