AND operator works AND NOT operator does not

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I’m perplexed here. I feel like this is very simple but It just doesn’t work, I’m totally out of ideas. I’m running a simple search using the AND NOT operator. However, It looks like the AND NOT is ignored in my search results. The part that is confusing to me is that if I change the operator to an AND, all the expected results are returned. Why would the AND operator work, but not the AND NOT operator? Thank you in advance for your help.

I got the same problem too about operators.
Do you know how to search a specific word ?

Try NOT instead of AND NOT

I tried changing it to a NOT, but it still displays the data I don’t want. I’ve used the AND NOT in other searches, and it appears to work, just not this one for some reason.

If you want to search an exact phrase put the search in quotes
Example: message:“user login”

If you want to just search a single word, there is no need for quotes.

You can read that in the documentation …

Hi Jan, yes I understand that. I was helping to answer merceskoba’s question.
However my problem is that the AND NOT operator is ignored. Do you know why the AND NOT does not work in this search?

winlogbeat_event_data_SubjectUserName:example AND NOT message:.tmp

If I change the search to only use an AND, it only displays .tmp files as expected.

winlogbeat_event_data_SubjectUserName:example AND message:.tmp

This leads me to believe my search criteria is correct. So why would the AND NOT operator be ignored in the first search? I’m not sure what to try next.

He @samhut101

I’m not sure why this does not work - what Graylog Version did you run with what version of Elasticsearch?

I would extract the information you want to filter on into a special field (like the file extension in this case) and that would enable to you to use more advanced filtering if needed.



I’m currently running Graylog 2.4.5 and Elasticsearch version 5.6.9

I’ll try setting up an extractor the the extension and see if that works.


Maybe the dot needs to be escaped.
Try “AND NOT message:\.tmp”

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