Change frequency of constant REST calls in Graylog UI

After login to graylog UI, in the web browser, there are some constantly rest api calls to the graylog server, for example:
https:///api/system/cluster/nodes (GET, every 5 seconds)
https:///api/cluster/metrics/multiple (POST, every 2 seconds)
https:///api/system/notifications (GET, every 3 seconds)
https:///api/(GET, every 20 seconds)

How the frequency is configured? Is there a way to change it?

No, it’s not possible to change the frequency of these requests.

Feel free to file a feature request at Issues · Graylog2/graylog2-server · GitHub

Thanks for your reply. Submitted new feature request.

Could you let me know normally how long this feature will be implemented?

This answer is simple: When it’s done.

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