CENTOS Installation - Login not possible


I’m also new to Graylog but I will like to suggest it to my company for syslogs messages. I would like to capture syslogs for 6 months if possible. I’m running a CENTOS-7 downladed the java-1.8.0-openjdk-headless.x86_64, graylog 2.4, mongodb-org-3.6.3-1e17,elasticsearch-5.6.8-1, and I’m having problem with the Web interface login.
I tried admin and used the echo -n Password | sha256sum Generator for CENTOS 7. The error message tells me invalid user name or password.
If someone can assist would greatly appreciate your help thank you.

Now I’m getting the error of
curl: (7) Failed connect to localhost:9200; Connection refused
My URl is broken…
Can Anyone assit if possible…

@monsanto022 please do not highjack other topics only because you mean the topic fits your problem.

please provide your configuration of Graylog, without that it is hard to tell what might be wrong.

I apologize for the late response, but also grateful that you replied.

Jan do you want to paste my gray log configuration file or is it possible to email the configuration file?

Thank you kindly,

Please post them here or on a pastebin service such as https://gist.github.com/ or https://0bin.net/ and share the link.

root_password_sha2 must not contain anything but the SHA-256 hash of the password.

There should also be a related error message in the logs of your Graylog node.

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