Can't install using yum - CentOS 7


I have a new minimal install of CentOS 7 system and using the instructions found here:

Everything went smooth until I got to the yum install graylog-server. It appears there is an issue with the repository. I get the following message: [Errno 14] HTTPS Error 302 - Found
Trying other mirror.

From another system, I can see that the xml file is redirecting to duke university (can’t post URL). However, when I try to reach that URL, I get “Something went wrong”. I did some looking around and found a link to a HTTPS archive URL. From there, I don’t see any directories for graylog. How can I get this package installed?

are you able to fetch the RPM direct?

Our package repository doesn’t do that. Maybe there’s a transparent proxy between your machine and the Internet which redirects these requests.

Yes, there is a transparent proxy that only allows whitelisted sites. There is an entry for Are there any other domains that need to be whitelisted to allow the install?

Grabbing the rpm directly worked.

The actual binary artifacts are stored in Amazon S3.

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