Cannot Create Dashboards!

I have installed the Graylog for the first time and when i was trying to create a new dashboard, i’m getting this below error.

Graylog version - Graylog v3.3.17+07035e1

Hi @Thihan

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If this is the first time you install Graylog, I’d suggest that you either upgrade to the latest version 4.3.9, unless there’s a powerful reason to keep v3.3.17…

Are you using a user with admin privileges or with the “dashboard creator” role?


Hello @Thihan

I would agree with @Thihan upgrade would help. I also noticed the field your using.


As the warning states setting fielddata= true

So you have couple choices, change field needed to something else or enable fielddata to true and this may or may not create issues. I do know enabling that will use a lot a resource depending on what yo want to do.

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