Can not create new Extractors

Hi .
I’m new here in the community forum as well as not an experience yet with Graylog.
I have create new stream and some of the extractors I tried to create get an attention error like:
“We were not able to run the split and index extraction. Please check your parameters.”
can you help me to understand why ? what is the reason for that?


Nebulous! If you included more information it might help the community to help you. What version of Graylog? An example of input? what does your extractor look like? … provide any and all relevant detail…

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Thanks for the respond.

We are using version
Graylog v2.4.3

Input example is attached .

I use the split by “;” .

While creating the different extractors , most of them are working , except 2 in this example (fields 117 , 118 in the input)

Hope this info can help you to help me

Best Regards


(Attachment input.csv is missing)


Only need a few input lines anyway - be sure to quote them with the tools for readability.

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