Calculate total number

Is there anyway to calculate total amount in Graylog?
This is what I have in my dashboard(I can’t share real info due to my company security policy):
12 --------------12-------------- 1
20 --------------60-------------- 3
22 --------------44-------------- 2

I want to calculate the total(12 + 60 + 44) with Graylog.

thanks in advance,

Hi, ncm,

I’ve moved your question into our Daily Challenges where you’re likely to get a response. What specifically (units of measurement) that you’re trying to calculate?

thank you for your attention.
my data is transaction amount ($).


Could you explain in greater detail about that? I’m not sure if you mean volume or message count?


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Checkout the example I have provide in my question. I want to calculate the sum of sum(amount) column in the aggregation. It is not about message count.

What version of Graylog are you using?
Are you refering to this?

version: Graylog 3.3.7
and also the sum function just calculate one row sum not all.

I’ll be honest, not sure what your trying to calulate, but I’m using 4.0.8 so I might not be able to help.
Maybe a brief discription of what your trying to actual do. What I see is;

Not really sure what that is.

I have never seen $ amounts, maybe something new.

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