Build deb file from graylog-cli project tar.gz

Hi All,

I have a working Graylog-cli-project and want to build a .deb file as an output.

I found the following posts such as How to build .deb file which has my changes and

However, this second method looks like it will build from official sources only.

I have a tar.gz Graylog3 beta file as an output of the build process in the target directory within the graylog-project directory.

I could possibly build a deb file from that or alternatively would it not be possible to specify in the pom.xml within the graylog project folder to get maven to build the .deb file via the maven deb plugin?

Is there a option to install from the Graylog3 tar file within a ubuntu server for example without building the .deb file?

The main goal is to run my newly compiled graylog3 within a ubuntu virtual machine for testing of new features within our dev environment.



did you already have a finished build? a .tgz after your compile?

Hi Jan,

Yes I already have compile tar.gz which has all the jar files in it. So I could just use them.

Alternatively, I could unpack the correct version of the .deb and repack with my jar files right?

Example : build graylog beta2 and use graylog 3.0 beta 1 deb file and replace jars?



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