Compiling Graylog from source and then create deb package?

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Hi Team,

Honestly I searched entire forum but didnt file exact one hence seeking help here. I am looking for exact “How To” which could guide me how to compile a Graylog.jar file from source codes and then create the deb package for my Ubuntu 16.04.

Does anyone have such kind of info or article or whitepaper or document? Any thing that could guide me in right direction.

Plsss help me as I am desperately looking for such article.

Thanks and Regards,
Blason R

(Jan Doberstein) #2

We use this tooling to build and run Graylog

(Tess) #3

To be honest, building RPMs, DEBs, PKGs and whatnot is really far outside the scope of these forums. That’s an entirely different specialization.

(Blason) #4

That is fine and really dont wanna go into it. However would really appreciate if I could compile custom graylog.jar file and replace it into existing installation this should picked up the changes, right?

(Jan Doberstein) #5

yes, if you have done your local compile and created a JAR you can replace the one from the package with your own.

(Blason) #6

Hi Jan,

Thanks for the prompt answer however since I am pretty noob at development and trying to build my own compiled version seeking your help. Roughtly I think below are the phases

  1. Download graylog-project CLI from this link []
  2. git clone graylog-project
  3. Copy the downloaded binary to a directory in your PATH (i.e. cp graylog-project.linux $HOME/bin/graylog-project
  4. graylog-project bootstrap github://Graylog2/graylog-project.git
  5. Then use IDE to import the graylog-project
  6. Create a graylog.conf file inside the graylog2-server directory based on the misc/graylog.conf example configuration.
  7. Then mvn compile

then from here I lost the path, and not sure how to proceed to compile .jar file

Basically I need to change look at feel of graylog, mostly css, Menu name and few others and then compile the customized version of Graylog and use it.

Please suggest.

Thanks and Regards,
Blason R

(Tess) #7

I’m curious though: what are you trying to do here? Because on the one hand you say you’re a newbie, but on the other hand you’re apparently tweaking the Java code and rolling your own .JAR.

(Blason) #8

Hi there,

Well wanted to roll out our customized look Graylog for our internal Log Management and our branch offices. I am aware of css and basic other development but do not want to change the major coding but the basic one like theme change, images and then compile our new .jar file.

But since I am not aware how to compile that .jar code hence seeking help or wondering if How To guide is available that could make my task much easier?

(Tess) #9

Sorry, yeah, that was a reading comprehension failure on my part. I’d missed the last paragraph of your post.

(Blason) #10

No worries at all!! But would really appreciate if someone can help me on document or rough procedure to achieve the same. That would be pretty helpful.

(Blason) #11

Hi Team,

Any luck on the request? If someone can please guide me here?


(Tess) #12

It looks like you’re on your own here. Better just start hacking and trying. I’m sure you can come a long way!

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