Beat_journal prepended to field names

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Hey all.

I’m using graylog with beats input and journalbeat container to send logs from systemd journal to graylog.

The thing is that there are a lot of fields (the majority of them) that graylog is showing as beat_journal_fieldname (see the image bellow).

I’d like to rename them to only fieldname.

How can I check if it is journalbeat that is sending it like that, or if it is graylog that is renaming the fields?

Thank you.

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Beats would be renaming the fields, you can rename the fields utilizing a pipeline. Here’s an example when beats sends over Sysmon logs.

You could essentially create a pipeline that would look like such for each field:

    rule "Journal Cleanup or Whatever"
        has_field("beat_type") && contains(to_string($message.beat_type), "journal")
        rename_field("beat_type", "type");

EDIT: Also, it’s been a while since I’ve used beats, but you should also be able to configure it to not rename your fields if I’m not mistaken.

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hej @fbueno

just use pipelines (as already suggested) - some good idea can be found in this blog posting

That should give you the basics how to create that processing pipeline and how the rules should be created.

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Thank you very much guys. It worked

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