Modifying fields in every saved search, pipeline rule, dashboard, alert, and extractors


I’m running Graylog 5.0.3 community edition. A recent upgrade to the sidecar agent has resulted in a field name change for all winlogbeat events. Instead of beginning with “winlogbeat_” many of them now begin with “winlogbeat_winlog_”

I have not been able to identify a practical way to rename those events in winlogbeat, and I did not want to create a pipeline rule that individually renamed hundreds of fields.

At this point my thought is that if winlogbeat is moving to this new naming scheme, I might as well adopt it. So I would like to go through all of my saved searches, dashboards, alerts, pipeline rules, extractors, etc. and replace “winlogbeat_” with “winlogbeat_winlog” which should take care of just about every situation where I might experience a problem due to this naming change.

My question to the community is - is there anyway you can think of that might help me do this in a more automated way? Perhaps exporting a content pack with all relevant items and doing a text search/replace and then re-importing the content pack?

Thanks for any input.

Please upvote the following feature request which would make the field management nightmare much easier once it gets emplemented (IF it ever gets implemented … ).

Hey @mmurdock

Addingon to @H2Cyber suggestion.

If need be, you can disble the pre-fix , if that helps.

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Thanks for the suggestion gsmith. I did try this, but unfortunately it just strips the winlogbeat_ and winlogbeat_winlog_ prefix off the fields altogether. I have had to resort to a fairly manual method of starting at inputs/extractors and working my way through pipeline rules, alerts/notifications, saved searches, and dashboards. In some cases it’s simply a replacement of “winlogbeat_” with “winlogbeat_winlog_”, but in other cases it’s an entirely different field name, such as “winlogbeat_log_name” to “winlogbeat_winlog_channel.” It’s tedious and I have chosen to purge index history, so overall a frustrating process but hopefully this is a situation that doesn’t come up very often.

A feature that would have greatly helped with this process would be if we could choose to overwrite searches, extractors, rules, dashboards, etc. during Content Pack installation. I have been able to use Content Packs to make mass modifications of field names, but without the ability to overwrite I have to do a lot of manual deletion prior to installing it. I have created a feature request here:

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