AutoScrolling Dashboard

Just a quick question. Is there any chance you are working on an autoscroller (up and down) that as an option will autoscroll the dashboards for us? I find there isn’t a lot in the way of plugins to do this. We do so in our internal proprietary dashboards and people love it. If there is no current initiative to do this would it be out of the question to pull the code and do this on our own? Maybe even submit for review and maybe even be implemented in the next release? Thanks guys.

Hej @Mantil

not sure what is the function of your “autoscroll” but you could easily create a plugin and extend the functions of Graylog. Or make a change to the Graylog server core and submit a PR.

You can also use chrome + revolver plugin in chrome; then add several dashboards on different tabs, then use revolver to switch between them automatically.

Good suggestions. As for why we would use it. We have some fairly long dashboards we’ve created to be viewed on public monitors and having the content past the edge of the screen auto scroll up and back would be awesome. Found some autoscrollers on firefox and chrome but only found ones that scroll in one direction then stop or pop back to the top. When looking for plugins I didn’t see revolver though during my searches. I’ll definitely look into it. In talking with one of our devs he said if he could get the code he could easily “bake it in” so to speak so was thinking if he did and we submitted it that maybe others would be able to benefit if we built it out. Thanks again for the suggestions.

Hej @Mantil

if you are looking for the Graylog Source Code, this can be found on Github:


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