Automatic Segregation and Grouping of logs

Hello, I wanted to know if there is any way in which I can have the incoming logs, grouped according to their types. Example all the logs containing CrashLoopBackOff should be grouped in one section and when I click it, I should get a list of all the logs.

I created streams, but thats a manual process. I want that thing to happen intelligently. Any plugin or any way to achieve this ?

he @tusharsonawane

the manual way via streams is the only working currently. I do not know any plugin that allows to automate that in any way.

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Okaye. It would be great if this feature is made available.

Example, I have 4 machines from which I am sending logs so there should be 4 panels showing the hostname and the logs sent by those machines should further be grouped into one name in the respective host panel. Something like this should happen dynamically without manually making it.

you can always open a feature request for that if you like to have that feature in graylog

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