Massive web log from a rproxy server

(immanens) #1

Hi all, we have installed a graylog server and it supposed to collect massive web log from a rproxy server. rproxy server has lots of separated upstream servers in different log files. so, if I send all web logs into a single “input” on grayserver, so I’ll get all different web logs within on single view right? How do you deal with a mutualized web server?
thanks for your answers

(Jochen) #2

That’s what streams are for.

See for details.

(Jan Doberstein) #3

Input an view of the messages does not correlate.

You can have multiple inputs but one view (stream as @jochen already wrote) - or the other way around. Split the data to have different views.

(immanens) #4

ok. I think, spliting collected datas on different views would be what I’m looking for. so, may do it with extractor? or, is there a better way to do that?

(Jochen) #5

You can simply use Streams (and stream rules) for that, if there’s already a message field (like source) which you can use to categorize different messages.

(immanens) #6

ok thanks. I’ll try to tell to nginx writing something withing logs to distinguish upstream server or request DNS.