Assigning Roles on Graylog

Please i created a new user and gave him a role “Reader”. Where do I as an admin add or remove access to whatever the new user wants to see. How do i assign read only roles to him and where do i choose what he needs to see. Thanks.

While creating roles, you can define READ or WRITE level access on STREAMS and DASHBOARDS.
This will help you in assigning who sees what.

I have and it worked fine…But what if i want to remove the Alerts from the list of shown items?


I think there is no option to remove Alerts tab from the menubar.

you are right @sachin.

@haywhai you would need to modify the source code to remove that.

Okay, because i wouldnt want the user i created to view alerts. Where do i access the source codes please? Thanks.

Please where on my graylog server do i acces the following pages if i want to edit them and change some stuffs to suit me. If i want to logon to the server using ssh


@haywhai you need to check out the repository to your local computer, make the desired changes and compile Graylog yourself including your changes.

After that copy your compiled version of Graylog to your server to make use of that.

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