/api/system/lbstatus 429

I deployed graylog in K8S, health status check, I used httpGet to check /api/system/lbstatus, but the graylog returned 429,What is the problem that causes the graylog to return 429


“ To query the current load balancer status of a Graylog instance, all you need to do is to issue a HTTP call to its REST API:

GET /api/system/lbstatus

The status knows three different states, ALIVE , THROTTLED and DEAD , which is also the text/plain response of the resource. Additionally, the same information is reflected in the HTTP status codes: If the state is ALIVE the return code will be 200 OK , for THROTTLED it will be 429 (too many request) and for DEAD it will be 503 Service unavailable . This is done to make it easier to configure a wide range of load balancer types and vendors to be able to react to the status.”

the reason for the throttle can be seen in the Graylog logs.

You did not share your Graylog version and image you have used in addition not your configuration.

I feel that I have found the problem, graylog and back-end es processing message is not timely, so the ‘THROTTLED’ is started?

Graylog Version:3.2.4

yes, Graylog can’t ingest messages to elasticsearch with the desired/needed speed (the output buffer processor filled is the indicator) you need more compute power or tuning for elasticsearch.

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