Loadbalancer problen

(Vadim) #1

Hi, i have 2 servers under LB.
i check ALIVE message by get http://:9000/api/system/lbstatus for server status
In two last weeks a get every half hour notification that one of servers not alive from LoadBalancer, all the time the same server.
When i cheek manually it’s always OK and LB alarms usually cleared in few seconds.
I think I lost connectivity or Graylog indication “ALIVE” for LB problem .
How i can check from GL if i have internal problem ? LOG?

(Jan Doberstein) #2

check the logfile of that server. Check the metrics of that Server. You might be in some kind of overload problems.

(Vadim) #3

what is metrics of that Server?
when i look on system/nodes page sometimes number of nodes disappears for few seconds and immediately returned ,this is a same problem ?

(Jan Doberstein) #4

it might be.

By Metrics I mean, System Metrics collected and stored in a Metric storage to use something like Grafana or DataDog to get visuals of your server usage.

(system) #5

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