Alerts not on GUI

Hi guys,

I’ve configured GrayLog to send alerts successfully by email or Teams.
But whenever I receive an alert, if I go in the GUI, the alert is not present on the alerts tab.
Any clue?

I’m assuming you have GL 4.0.6. I’m also not sure what you have tried to do.
How did you configure your Event Definition?

Just an idea but maybe adjust the time search the right upper corner .

Hope that helps

Thank you for your prompt reply. I’m using GrayLog 3.0.
It says I have no unresolved alerts:

When obviously I have some errors on the scritps.
And here it is the error alert configuration:

The weird thing is that I’m receiving the notifications as expected, but when I get to the GUI, as you saw, there is no alerts anymore.


Have you tried clicking on " Show All Alerts" button?

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