Alert link to original message

Is it possible to link to the original message that an alert has triggered from?

When I come into the office in the morning and find an alert, I then have to attempt to find that message which can take ages with the amount of logs we’re ingesting (as I may want to find related messages).

Is there a method to include the unique message ID or link to the original message within an Alert?

That seems to only apply to the message body of an email alert.

I want to include it as a field (or ideally it be a default part of the alert in the web interface).

I had seen the feature request already and like most basic feature requests for Graylog it’s sat in Github for months with no progress.

So for those looking for an answer to this in an alert you can grab the Graylog Message ID with ${source.gl2_message_id} however you don’t seem to be able to grab the index ID so while you can use this string to search on, you can’t create a URL without the index field.

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