Wrong query in alert URL

In GL 3.0.0, when an alert is sent by mail, you can have the link to graylog webUI search :
{if stream_url}Stream URL: {stream_url}${end}

In my case, the query is :

query: message: "Vous avez atteint la limite d'envoi"

But, when I receive a mail alert, I have :
Stream URL: https://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/streams/5c5aa6f582e4200209a034cc/messages?rangetype=absolute&from=2019-03-20T13:47:31.456Z&to=2019-03-20T14:47:31.456Z&q=*

Query is the default one : q=*, not what I have wrote

So I have updated to GL 3.0.1 yesterday but still the same error.

Where am I wrong ?

thank you

As far as I know, that is not an error but, is working a intended.

The stream URL that is provided is just a link to the Stream, no specific query added just a link to the stream showing all messages (for the last hour, by the look of the URL you posted.)


Thank you.

OK but I think it’s not logical :
I receive an alert by mail with an URL. For me if I click on it, it’s for having all logs concerning this alert. That’s why we have the “from” and “to” so, we should have the query too.

Do you think my opinion is not too bad ? How to open an issue/discuss about this ? Or make a poll :wink:

Hey @kornflex

I think your idea could be quite useful for helping to quickly find messages to troubleshoot, I am not sure if an issue has been raised for this previously so, do a search first but, you can open an Issue over on the Github here:

Another you might find useful is an issue I opened a while back:


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