Stream_url no longer working in 3.1?

I just upgraded from 3.0 to 3.1

Previously we had 2 ways of directly linking to the message that generated an alert:
Under the alert, there was a hotlink to the stream/id of the Message - This has been removed, why would you do this??

The other was using stream_url in an email notification however this no longer seems to work.

if you see a but, or have a feature request, please open one over at github:

Perhaps first make the documentation current, then send users to GH?

We expose the following objects to the templates.
A string that contains the HTTP URL to the stream.

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It’s didnt work for me too.
can someone help?
i config the server.conf file with the "transport_email_web_interface_url ".
also i make the email alert with ${stream_url}

This is broken in new alerting system, documentation is outdated.

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it doesn’t work for us

The check result object for this stream.

  • check_result.triggeredCondition string representation of the triggered alert condition
  • check_result.triggeredAt date when this condition was triggered
  • check_result.resultDescription text that describes the check result

we get blank lines, can someone confirm this?

our template:
Triggered condition:
1: ${check_result.triggeredCondition}

2: ${check_result.triggeredAt}

3: ${check_result.resultDescription}

graylog-server 3.1.1

From documentation:

The check result object for this stream.

As previously stated, starting from version 3.1 alerts are not bound to streams, so these objects are invalid and returning nothing.

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