Alert events not trigger since graceful shutdown

The incident:

Hi! Since I executed graceful restart in my graylog clúster, alert events stop triggered.

My environment:
3 graylog nodes + 3 elasticsearch nodes, each one of them with RHEL 8.2
Graylog version: 3.2
Elasticsearch version: 6.8
MongoDB version: 4.2


Evidence of graceful shutdown

Las alert I received (before shutdown).

I don’t believe in coincidences.

I’ve already re open gl-events IndexSet.

Any help will be appreciate.

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Hello @ale_sabat

From the first screenshot i see [NO_MASTER], this would be a configuration, network, service issue.

I personal would start to make sure all services ( ES, Mongo & Graylog) are running without errors or warnings.
If all node/service are fine then I would check configruations on all Graylog config file to ensure they are correct

And last, check Firewalls/ SELinux/AppArmor for blocking network connecions.

If all the above is good, then dig in to the log files Elasticsearch/Graylog and MongoDb. and post your finding here if you can.

Here are some post you can check out


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