No Event / Alert fired

Hey Graylog Community

We have a one node Graylog Setup with Docker.


  • graylog:3.2.2
  • mongo:3
  • elasticsearch-oss:6.8.5

Our environment has only 2 clients connected until now and our log rate is below 1 log/minute.

We have an alert set up, which should be triggered as soon as a critical error enters graylog (Search every minute for 1 minute).
The Problem is, that the event is only fired, when there is another event after the critical one.
For now we solved the problem with a Random HTTP Message Input but that’s not a “nice” solution, because every log is stored in elasticsearch and overall its “messier”.

My Questions are:

  • Is there a way to delete Random HTTP Messages instandly without storing them in elasticsearch?
  • Is there another solution to solve this Problem? Disabling Journaling on 1 node isn’t the best idea I think?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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