Graylog isn't generating events or alerts

I’ve got working notifications, however I can’t get any filter events to actually trigger.
In the event editor the query has results, and i’m running the search every two minutes searching the past hour, against all messages, and i’ve never been able to generate an event.

I did some research and I don’t think it’s the low write throughput bug:
MongoDB server version: 4.0.16
ISODate(“2020-03-06T22:53:31Z”) }, “input_journal” : { “uncommitted_entries” : NumberLong(127), “read_messages_1m_rate” : 37.7799590133257, “written_messages_1m_rate” : 37.77986068660555, “journal_enabled” : true } }

echo ‘db.scheduler_triggers.count()’ | mongo graylog

Message journal is enabled, and processing_status_journal_write_rate_threshold = 0 is set.

server.log doesn’t seem to be complaining about anything.

I’ve also created a Random HTTP input with a 5ms delay and 15ms deviation, no events were generated.

Recreating the event definition didn’t work.
Using an aggregate rather than a filter rule also does not work.

Why might events not be generated?

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