Alert Condition saved location

(Jesse Hills) #1

I’ve been trying to find the location of the alert conditions, I assumed that the conditions would be stored in the MongoDB instance however, I can’t seem to find which collection they’re in.

graylog.alarmcallbackconfigurations appears to contain the alert notifications.
graylog.alarmcallbackhistory appears to contain a log of alert notifications that have been created? (Not too sure on this one but, it doesn’t look like anything I’m interested in atm…)
graylog.alerts appears to contain the log of alert conditions that have been triggered.

Does anyone know where the alert conditions are stored, I really am not having any luck in tracking them down…

(Jan Doberstein) #2

Check the Streams collections - their you find the alert condition.

Can not find Condition document in mongo
(Jesse Hills) #3

Thanks for that.

I certainly was not expecting them to be stored there, don’t think I ever would have found them!

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