Histogram Alert Annotation Dots

(Jesse Hills) #1

Hey Graylog Community.

Not sure if this is something that I’ve done (or not done) but, when looking at the little Annotation dots on the Histogram in Search where it shows you any alerts that have been triggered, I don’t seem to be getting any useful information…



From the screenshot above, you can see that it states that the System stream had an alert triggered by a message matching certain criteria but, the alert box doesn’t actually say what criteria was met, it just displays the grace period of the alert condition…

This may just be something I’ve done/not done but, I can’t seem to find anything when looking through Graylog and my searches through the documentation have been fruitless, sadly.

Does anyone have any information that could share to help me get some useful alerts in these histograms?

Jesse :smile:

(Jake Smith) #2

Dear All,

I have the same question. Is it possible to customize the text on the alert dots shown in the histogram?

Is this posible?



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