Replace Alert text in histogram

Dear Graylog,

I want to change the text to something meaningful when an alert is triggered. Here is an example


Do I use a decorator to change it or can it be changed as part of a pipeline processing rule somehow?

Kind Regards

Jake Smith

Hi Jake,

I have been trying to make changes to this as well, I did create a thread a few weeks back but, it didn’t get any replies and then got closed due to inactivity…

I was hoping that I could change the content of those alert dots to give the name of the Alert Condition that was triggered instead of the rules of the condition but, I haven’t found a way to do so yet.

If anyone has any information around this, that’d be great.


you could create a feature request over at github if you didn’t have the ability (yet)

Hi Jan,

I will do so.

It looks like in the code it is taking one of the message notification or alert parameters and using it when displaying on histogram. If you could point me in the general direction, I may try to add the feature myself.


Jake Smith

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