Alert condition not working for long type for value >0.6

Hi ,

I am processing data which contains name , value columns. Value contains float,long types based on type of the name(name1,name2).

name :name1
value: 0.7345
In alert i have configured condition for particular name(name1 contains long value like 0.73) . If my name value greater than 0.6 it should trigger an i configured condition

value > 0.6

(maximum value is 1) ,But its not triggering the alert. Its working for float format name values(name2), . Whenever my datatype is long the alert condition is not working , I tried to convert this long into float in pipeline rule, but only long ,double functions are available there. Help me to sort out this issue. Please find the error for reference.


I think this is a bug. Could please open up an issue on github for this? That would be really helpful!

Thanks a lot!

- Konrad

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Sure @konrad i am doing. Thanks

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