Aggregating Events for Notification

Hello, I am try to send email alerts when a Stream has events. I want to check the stream every 10 minutes, and if there were any events at all during the last 10 minutes, then send an email with a list of those events. From the settings shown below, I thought I had it setup correctly, however it is not working as intended. Whenever there is an Event (even milliseconds apart), it generates a notification for every event. I want it to only generate a notification up to every 10 minutes, and that notification should show any events that have occurred during the last 10 minutes. Would really appreciate some help on this!

Shows searching within last 10 minutes and executing search every 10 minutes:

I’d show the Notification, but as a new user I can only post messages with 1 picture. I have this in the Notification Body Template:

{if backlog}{foreach backlog message}{message.source}: {message.timestamp} {message.message}{end}${end}

I was able to find the issue. For anyone else looking to do something similar, don’t forget to setup the Aggregation configuration:


Hello Slair, welcome to the community! Thanks for sharing your solution.

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