Add graylog to ldap issue

How to add graylog to freeipa ldap server?

If you want to authenticate graylog users through FreeIPA, setup LDAP in section System - Authentication / LDAP
Try to setup this parameters:

Server address: ldap:// or better ldaps://
System username: uid=admin,cn=users,cn=accounts,dc=demo1,dc=freeipa,dc=org
Search Base DN: dc=demo1,dc=freeipa,dc=org
User search pattern:  (&(objectclass=*)(uid={0}))
Display Name attribute: displayname

THanks for replay.
its,working. Thank you

ldap working fine. but users has no permission at all. is there any document to which permission and how it’s working in freeipa?

You need you either assign role manually for users, or using LDAP group mapping. You can use LDAP group mapping to map group to Graylog role.

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