A separator for streams


When there’re many streams, it becomes tough to manage them all as a list. It’d help very much, if there were a way to make a named separator to divide the streams. With tabs even better. I see it like this:

[tab 1 = Windows]
— [Separator 1 = Servers]
---- Stream 1
---- Stream 2
— [Separator 2 = workstations]
----- Stream 3
----- Stream 4

[tab 2 = Linux]
— [Separator 1 = Ubuntu]

[tab 3 = Network devices]
— [Separator 1 = Switches]

And etc. Maybe there’re some plans for something like that?

Hi @Mexonizator

Issues/Feature Requests are tracked via the ‘Issues’ section of the GitHub repository.

Thanks, I’ll post there.

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