Can i divide log file for each server?

Hi all

I have a question about logging in graylog

I want to create multiple server which will send logs to graylog but i want to graylog to store them with different names is it possible ?

I mean i know that i can see them in dashboard but i want to save as a different log file in graylog server side.

Thank for your answers.

Hello @ugur.aaygun && Welcome

This is possible in many ways. Pipeline comes to mind pr perhaps Beats loog shipper can place a tag on it.

When you stated

different log file

are to asking the “Type” of log"?

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Thank you for your fast reply i hope you are good

Actually when i say different log file i meant different name. Like for example i have 2 server ( lets say and which are sending logs to graylog. As far as i understood graylog stores them in a one log file. Can i see them as like and etc.

I can write a script to seperate them i assume but if there is an easy way i would like to use it :smiley:

Thank you again for your answers.

To make it more understandable i want to create multi tanent logging so that i am asking to seperate log files :slight_smile:

Hi @ugur.aaygun
Please have a look in the Documentation:
Streams will give you the possibility to seperate logs on a logic level.
If you want to store your logs with different data-retention you will need to look at Index Sets.


If you were to create a separate physical index for each customer, like @gsmith said you can user the log shipper you are using (Beats/NXLog) to add a tag field to help with sorting, something like customer_tag:Agent_Smith_Services. Then create a stream/pipeline that catches those logs from their Input(s) and have a rule for each customer with something like:

rule "Log routing - Agent_Smith"

   $message.customer_tag == "Agent_Smith_Services"

   route_to_stream("Agent Smith Stream");

Then have the “catching” stream Agent Smith Stream that points/ends to the Agent_Smith_Index


Thank you guys i think kind of i understood.

Great community great project thank you guys :slight_smile:

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Awesome were glad to help

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