4.3 upgrade from 4.2.9 dashboard tabs order changed

Hi all,

I just updated my single-node 4.2.9 instance to 4.3.

So far, so good, but my dashboard tabs are not in the order they were before.

Since there is not a re-ordering function (this would be a welcome feature), I tried to just duplicate tabs in the order I want, then remove the originals. That doesn’t work as duplicate tabs come up in a seemingly random order.

Is there some way to manage dashboard tab ordering?

edit: It appears that new tabs also pop up in seemingly random order as well.
edit2: Adding tabs and removing them also results in existing tabs being shuffled.


Unfortunately I did not have this issue to give you a direct answer how to fix that.

Good Idea, :+1:

you can post that here

Thanks, but the feature was already suggested awhile back and closed.

On that same thread, I am not the only person having the random tab order after the 4.3 upgrade. Scroll to the bottom comments:

Is there a way to manually edit the dashboard configurations to fix our tab orders, since there is no way to currently manage this through the web UI?


Since you brought this up, maybe I was not paying attention before but I see what you mentioning about tabs now.

Not that I know of, perhaps someone else here has. I am labbing this out now and If I come across something Ill post it here.

Just throwing my 2p in here. I also have this issue, and its now super annoying as all my dashboard “pages” are now out of order :frowning:

Edit: It seems if you duplicate any tab, it will re-order them again and again. Very odd.
Edit2: IF you delete the duplicated tab, sometimes it goes back to the correct order. Not sure if I’m lucky or what.

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I ended up downgrading to 4.2.9 (actually restored from a backup snapshot) and disabling the upgrade nag. In addition to this, it got to the point where initial load was taking a very long time. I tried restoring my mongo data from when I knew things were working, and it all got worse.

Holding off on 4.3 for awhile.

Hopefully the tab order thing gets addressed as that makes things difficult to use. Some of my tabs have long queries, so the main tab is summary data that is designed to load right away. Having the long stuff come up first is not working well for us at all.

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This is being addressed. UI team provided this update:

we have identified the issue and are working on a fix. Before it is deployed, please do not save your dashboards after the tab order was messed up, or the new tab order will be persisted and there is currently no way to restore the old order automatically.
We will implement a way to reorder existing dashboard tabs soon, but this will be decoupled from the fix restoring consistent tab ordering which will hopefully end up in the next patch release.


Thanks for posting this. A shame I’ve already saved my dashboards but at least they will release something to fix that soon :slight_smile:

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