[2.4.0, 2.4.1] Graylog hangs at startup


I’ve been experiencing this issue before, and I “resolved” returning to a previous state of the data (mongo/elasticsearch/graylog).

This is happening using the official Docker image. Analysing the Graylog’s log, it hangs without any warning after “INFO : org.graylog2.bindings.providers.RulesEngineProvider - No static rules file loaded.”… No inputs are initialised, no web api, so I don’t really know where to look now.

May you please help me?
This is the full log: https://pastebin.com/PTLjFW4j

Please provide the complete configuration of Graylog (also docker-compose.yml if you’re using Docker Compose).

Hello jochen,

here is the docker-compose configuration:


As per the configuration file, is the one which comes with the official docker image (image id: f93945a7d67c).

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I can enter and interact with the mongo database, and the elasticsearch’s health API reports the status green.

What are the hardware specs of the machine running these Docker containers?

It’s an Amazon c5.2xlarge instance (8 vCPU, 16 GB of RAM, running with a 300GB SSD). Running a new instance of the graylog stack via docker-compose it works, but obviously I’d loose the previous data and, worst thing, it’d have the same problem again in the future.

Try starting Graylog in debug mode by setting the environment variable GRAYLOG_SERVER_OPTS to --debug.

It keeps repeating the following log (again and again):

graylog_1        | 2018-01-23 14:40:18,581 DEBUG: org.mongodb.driver.protocol.command - Sending command {find : BsonString{value='roles'}} to database graylog on connection [connectionId{localValue:2, serverValue:4}] to server mongo:27017
graylog_1        | 2018-01-23 14:40:18,582 DEBUG: org.mongodb.driver.protocol.command - Command execution completed

Please post the complete log and not just some arbitrary lines.

Here it is. After those lines it will continue spamming the two lines above.


Sorry, it was capped to ~6000 lines

As an additional information, I can confirm that the broken docker-composed environment has the very same (mongo) graylog.roles collection as a newly created one… if of any interest in debugging…

That’s a red herring. The “roles” collection is read each second by default.

Do you see anything particular in the given log?

Playing around with the mongo collections, I wiped the pipeline ones and graylog started working again… strange, also because I don’t really know why it wasn’t logged anywhere…

Do you happen to have a backup of the pipeline-related collections (or better: the complete MongoDB database) so we could try to reproduce the problem?

I could try recovering it. But I think I can recover the pipeline now:

rule "Drop unsupported browsers errors"
    AND lookup_value("unsupported-browsers", $message.user_agent_browser_name_and_version, "0") == "1"

Where “unsupported-browsers” is a cached CSV lookup table

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