2.3.1: Only show 2 out 4 nodes displayed in graylog cluster

(T J Yang) #1

I use 4 VMWare VM nodes and plan to implement 4 nodes cluster for graylog,elasticsearch and mongodb.

So far I have elasticsearch form a 4 nodes clusters and have 4 graylog server activate with only 1 master on 4 nodes.

Problem from graylog GUI of each nodes, I only see 2 nodes are listed like below.


Understand graylog can’t auto failover by automatically yet.

Is this display 2 out of 4 nodes expected ?

(Jochen) #2

Are all Graylog nodes using the same MongoDB database?
Do all Graylog nodes have a unique node ID (see node_id_file).

(T J Yang) #3

@jochen, Thanks for the pointer on node_id. Indeed, node 2 was manually build but later clone to node 3 and 4. So they had same node_id. After the node_id adjustment. All four nodes are showing up. Thanks for your quick reply.


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