Zyxel gs2210 inputs

Hi, the zyxel works with graylog?, i tried differents inputs, but does not work, i am newbie
i really appreciate your help
i have this ZyXEL GS2210, thanks a lot

the @cindy.davis

the question is - what does the Zyxel support?

If unsure about - create a RAW input in Graylog an point the Syslog (?) of the Zyxel to that Port - after that check what you see in Graylog.

Jan thanks a lot for your help.
we need to send the zyxel logs to graylog, i configured differents inputs(raw udp and tcp port 1514, syslog udp tcp port 1514) but i am little confuse, because some documentation tells graylog works with port 1514, for that reason the inputs that created on graylog are all port 1514.
so i guess the port that i have to configure on zyxel has to be 1514 right?(default on zyxel it is 514 with rfc 3164 for syslog).
All the windows environment are working with graylog
again thanks for your help.

he @cindy.davis

the port you use in Graylog for your Input is random - you can use whatever port you want/can use. That Port than needs to be configured on your Zyxel.

thanks a lot Jan, is working.

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