Wrong URI for API

1. Describe your incident:
I have problem with getting information about nodes. There is wrong API. It happened after I installed SSL certificate and now service works with HTTPS instead of HTTP.

Now Graylog tries to send API requests to graylog.tilog.corp/ and it is totally wrong. I have such error:

  • FetchError: There was an error fetching a resource: Internal Server Error. Additional information: Failed to connect to graylog.tilog.corp/

2. Describe your environment:

  • OS: Ubuntu 20.04

  • Package Version: 5.1.5-1

  • Service logs, configurations, and environment variables:

In graylog-server conf I have following http_uris:
http_bind_address =
http_publish_uri = https://graylog.tilog.corp
http_external_uri is commented

Full configuration

is_leader = true
node_id_file = /etc/graylog/server/node-id
password_secret = <my secret>
root_username = admin
root_password_sha2 = <my_pass>
root_timezone = Europe/Moscow
bin_dir = /usr/share/graylog-server/bin
data_dir = /var/lib/graylog-server
plugin_dir = /usr/share/graylog-server/plugin
http_bind_address =
http_publish_uri = https://graylog.tilog.corp
http_enable_tls = true
http_tls_cert_file = /opt/graylog/tls/graylog.pem
http_tls_key_file = /opt/graylog/tls/graylog.key
http_tls_key_password = secret
elasticsearch_hosts =
elasticsearch_version_probe_attempts = 5
allow_leading_wildcard_searches = false
allow_highlighting = false
output_batch_size = 500
output_flush_interval = 1
output_fault_count_threshold = 5
output_fault_penalty_seconds = 30
processbuffer_processors = 6
outputbuffer_processors = 6
processor_wait_strategy = blocking
ring_size = 65536
inputbuffer_ring_size = 65536
inputbuffer_processors = 2
inputbuffer_wait_strategy = blocking
message_journal_enabled = true
message_journal_dir = /var/lib/graylog-server/journal
lb_recognition_period_seconds = 3
mongodb_uri = mongodb://
mongodb_max_connections = 1000

3. What steps have you already taken to try and solve the problem?

I tried to set http_external_uri as either http_bind_address and http_publish_uri. When I had started service after these changes, it failed.

4. How can the community help?

I think, there is something that I missed in URIs’ configuration.
How can I improve my configuration to avoid this error? I still need secure connection. What I should change to see nodes state again?

This should be easily fixed. You are missing a port on your http_publish_uri. If you change it to the below, it should work as expected.
http_publish_uri = https://graylog.tilog.corp:9000

Kyle, thanks a lot! It really works!

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