Wildcard log file paths


I have got Graylog collecting logs from a single site, how do i get it to collect logs for multiple sites from the same server

So my nxlog.conf path to the logs would be somthing like c:\logs* or c:\logs\W3SVC*\u_ex*


you can install collector sidecar, it has filebeat included, it could be configured with array of multiple direcories paths with wildcards, but i’m not sure about wildcards in the middle, like your second example
in NXlog you can jut create input like this:

<Input somelog>
   Module   im_file
   File     "C:\something\*.log"

i don’t know if it supports multiple File endtries per input, but you may create multiple input and just send them to single output

Thanks Daniel.

have tried using sidecar but at this stage of my Graylog knowledge I don’t really understand my way round it and my install certainly didn’t work!

Its a real same I cant specify to use any log in a folder or subfolders.

Any tips on a good sidecar guide would be great.