Which tool for monitoring disk usage on Windows?

I am beginner with Graylog. I want to monitor disk usage/free space on Windows servers.
What’s the easiest way with Graylog? Heartbeat, Metricbeat or something simpler?
I need email alert, the chart on dashboard is not bad either :wink:

Now, we only use Winlogbeat for Windows event logs analyzing.

Thanks for replies!

Graylog is not the best tool for metrics. We are using Zabbix, another great monitoring tool is Nagios.


Another option is Librenms - it’s SNMP only but it’s fast like Graylog.

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LibreNMS Agent

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SNMP only … for Windows… :slight_smile:

We created a GPO to make sure SNMP is installed and enabled - though it is not as smooth as it should be.

I do not want install/setup another monitoring system for finding of disk usage/free space on server.
We have Graylog so I want to use Graylog :wink:
I only need just a few basic steps how to setup Metricbeat! Please, is here someone who know it?


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For clarification - we use Graylog 3.1 and Sidecare 1.0.2.

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