Monitoring the Linux Server

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Can we monitor the Linux server’s metrics (CPU, Memory etc.) using Graylog? I have the sidecar installed in linux server. Which Collector I should configure to collect the server metrics?


That’s clearly possible(and I also though about it) but I can’t say Graylog is a proper tool this use case.
Why not netdata/Zabbix?
If it’s just some kind of proof-of-concept I would try shell script(echo | netcat) in crontab to Raw TCP Input

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+1 for Zabbix. It is also very nice and customizable alerting tool.


+1 For Zabbix for all hardware/network metrics, Graylog for everything else.

I think Graylog is not the right tool for this use case.
I would use Prometheus and Grafana in this use case. You can also use this tools for monitoring your Graylog metrics.

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As others have said, there are lots of options. You can even use an NMS for this - like LibreNMS.

I’m reading your question as you want to monitor the linux environment that Graylog is running on with Graylog. If this is the case, yes… it can be done, but you should never monitor a server with itself.

If you need it in Graylog you can use Metricbeat

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