Which semanage port type should be used for gelf?

For giving the port access permission to nginx for proxying gelf by the following commands:

semanage port -a -t <port_type> -p udp 12201
semanage port -a -t <port_type> -p tcp 12202

which <port_type> should be used for gelf over udp and gelf over tcp ?

You can check the available SELinux port types with the following commands:

# semanage port -l

See also:

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do you mean use any of udp port types exists for udp and any of tcp port types exists for tcp should be ok ?

No, please read the referenced blog post.

I have no idea how it help me… when i try to added a permissive domain and failed. maybe i need a fully go through semange to see how it works.

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