How to run Graylog as root in CentOS 7

(Jay) #1

My firewall has to be configured to use port 514 (syslog). By default, Centos 7 doesn’t allow port below 1024 to be used, unless it is root. How does one run Graylog as root?

Note: I know iptables redirect is an option or some authbind RPM tool and that running as root is not recommended.

(Jochen) #2

Don’t run Graylog as root user. Use the already mentioned authbind or Netfilter/IPTables instead and configure SELinux in CentOS accordingly.

(Jay) #3

I am not using SElinux. Do you have a recommendation for a CentOS Authbind RPM? And for the sake of curiosity, how would one run as root on CentOS anyways?

(Jochen) #4

If you’re using CentOS 7, it’s there anyway.

You just wouldn’t.

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