Which indexname(s) to exclude for action.auto_create_index


I am using my Elasticsearch cluster/node also for other apps than Graylog.
For that I need action.auto_create_index set to true so they continue to work.
As this is going to make problems with Graylog apparently the question for me is which indexnames have to be excluded there.

Is it enough to set it to
action.auto_create_index: -graylog*
or are there any other names involved in internal Graylog handling?


as you can configure the prefix yourself that can’t be answered by anyone than yourself.

For default that would be:

action.auto_create_index: graylog-*

Yes I was talking of default/vanilla install.

It would be -graylog-* then because we don’t want it to be auto created, but that answered my question, thank you

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