October 21, 2021
10am-5pm CT

What would you like to see in the community?

Checking in with suggestions on how we can improve the Graylog community. What would make your experience a better experience. What do you need to help you along your Graylog User Journey?

Here are a couple of suggestions I’ve gotten from members:

  • A cookbook of JSON and grok templates built by members
  • Pipeline rules shared by members

What would you like to see in your community?

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Hi @dscryber,
realy nice suggestions to start.

I would also suggest next topics:

  • Howtos for different topics by members. E.g. how to setup monitoring of Active Directory, Windows, Apache, Nginx, Cisco switches, Fortigate firewalls and so on.
  • Production templates for filebeat, winlogbeat, nxlog, rsyslog to rapid start logging shared by community.

Thanks, shoothub, for your suggestions. They validate some of the needs I’m hearing in our community, I’d like to implement a category for templates (filebeat, winlogbeat, nxlog, rsyslog, JSON, etc) and pipeline rules.

I’m just wondering if you think I should simply open a new category (with subcategories), or if you, or others in the community, have ideas about what we should label the top category and what other details might be useful to all.

I very much appreciate your participation here. Thank you!

Hi @dscryber,
first of all in my opinion is to distinguish there categories, so it’s obvious that community members should post their experiences, templates, howtos, and don’t ask questions. So not to mix howtos, advices and questions for problems. If there is a option to show some advices and guides on the top of the category, how to use this category, maybe pin some post with it, it would be nice.

Also category-specific topic template in discourse would be nice, to follow some pattern, pre filled headings and advice, how to create helpful post.

I’m fine with new category with subcategories.

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I’m going to +1 for @shoothub suggestion sounds like a solid plan.

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It is. Check out the new category, post a template or rule, ask for one, or leave a suggestion here.

Adding on to @shoothub about forum templates. Really would be nice.

Thanks for your interest in Graylog community.
Please fill out the following while using these guide lines

What version of Graylog is Installed:

What version of Elasticsearch is installed:

What version of MongoDb is installed:

Description the Issue you’re having:

Describe what you have done to solve the issue:

What is the type of Graylog installment do you have:

Any extra information we should know about your environment:


Hi @gsmith,
+1 for email templates, it would speedup of resolution, and don’t ask every time about user’s environment.

@shoothub @gsmith thoughts about this?

Description of your problem

<!-- Use this section to describe the problem that you're encountering. Please include any screenshots or recordings of the problem you're running into.-->

Description of steps you’ve taken to attempt to solve the issue

<!-- Use this section to provide detailed steps of what you've done so far to attempt to solve your problem so that the community knows how to help-->

Environmental information

Operating system information

<!--Please select the operating system that you're using Graylog on-->

  • RHEL
  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • Containers (e.g., Docker, Kubernetes, etc.)
  • FreeBSD
  • Windows
  • Other (e.g., using config management like Chef, Puppet, Ansible or Salt to deploy Graylog)

Package versions

<!--Please provide the package versions for all installed Graylog, MongoDB, and Elasticsearch packages-->

  • Graylog
  • MongoDB
  • Elasticsearch

Service logs, configuration, and environment variables

NOTE: When posting log output or code snippets (e.g., JSON, YAML, etc.), please surround your code with three backticks like so:

Your code goes here

Hey, Aaron,
Thanks for posting this template! Following up on @gsmith 's suggest here and on his podcast is a great idea. I’m doing two things with this: Revamping our onboarding message here in the community to incorporate this, and adding it as article to our August newsletter, slated for distribution Aug 31.

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Much better then mine, I like it :slight_smile:

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Really nice @aaronsachs

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