What is wrong with route_to_stream

Hi Team,

I wanted to copy a message from one stream to another hence creating a below pipeline however this is not giving me error while creating rule and giving me a cross . I think the rule is perfectly fine however its not accepting the rule.

rule "route dns messages to network"
    has_field ("action")
    let dnsfw = clone_message();
    route_to_stream (id: “6211ef931aa74820e4dee1a0”, message: "dnsfw", remove_from_default: "false");


Can someone please suggest?

If you hover your mouse over the red X it will give you a hint about what it doesn’t like. You can post that here to if the next point doesn’t solve it…

Next point: You have the wrong quotes around the id: portion It looks like this:

id: “6211ef931aa74820e4dee1a0”

when it should be this:

id: "6211ef931aa74820e4dee1a0"

Which happens to me all-the-time when I am copying and pasting something…


Thanks mate - That was the issue and thanks again for pointing it out.

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